Newsletters by FitzGerald Law Company

Addressed legal topics in our three practice areas: Boston Immigration, Personal Injury and Criminal Defense

The following is an index of the newsletters we have written and sent out throughout the years by year and by topic (see topic categories on the right navigation bar). It is our aim to reach out and keep you informed on immigration rules and policies as well as actionable changes in the law.

We have also addressed legal topics in our other practice areas, criminal defense and personal injury law, which we feel are most relevant to understand for the general public as well as for immigrants. For example, we have written about criminal convictions can have a negative impact on an individual’s immigration status, and the personal injury claims process and immigrants, because we thought it was important for individuals to know that they have the right to present claims when they have been hurt by the negligence of others, independently of their immigrant status.

We hope you find all this information valuable and don’t hesitate to suggest topics that you think our Boston immigration, criminal defense and personal injury lawyers should cover in our FitzGerald Law Company newsletter, as this will undoubtedly help us serve you better.


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