Why Hire Our Boston Immigration, Criminal & Personal Injury Attorneys?

Our flexibility and strengths are shown in the qualities that make up our company. Below is a list of characteristics and competencies that we feel make us truly unique.

We Understand You

  • We are a multi-cultural firm composed of both immigrants to the U.S. and first generation Americans who have lived abroad. As such, we understand through first hand experience what you go through when seeking to establish legal residency outside your country of origin.
  • Our entire staff is at least bilingual. Some of the languages we work in additionally to English are: Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Our Knowledge and Experience

  • We are young and tenacious; determined to succeed.
  • We have been successful in handling difficult immigration cases, which many deemed hopeless.
  • We work as a team to ensure that nothing is overlooked and all options have been examined.
  • We have the leadership of an excellent litigation attorney who will formulate creative solutions and a great strategy for your case.

Our Service and Responsiveness

  • We are responsive to our client’s needs.
  • We provide fast and efficient service.
  • We are skilled businesspeople and negotiators who are committed to the client.
  • We are a highly specialized boutique firm with practice areas that complement each other. In particular, the combination of criminal and immigration expertise is crucial, as even a small criminal matter can have a negative effect on an existing or future immigration petition. A firm with this joint expertise can help ensure that your immigration rights as well as your civil rights are protected at all times.

Our Satisfied Clients

  • Approximately 80% of our business has been generated by client referrals.
  • Our estimated 98% client retention rate is a sign of the high level of client satisfaction with our service and results.

Hiring our lawyers

Hiring our lawyers at FitzGerald Law Company

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