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Our immigration lawyers in Boston, MA are highly experienced handling all types of U.S. immigration petitions, such as U.S. visas, cancellation of deportation, asylum, TPS, Residency and Citizenship; as well as minimizing the consequences of a past criminal charge or conviction in an immigration case and suing the Immigration service for excessive delays (writ of mandamus). At the outset of our relationship with clients, we take the time and care to understand our client’s goals and particular situation to make sure that we craft the best strategy for their case in order to achieve our client’s objective.

How Our Immigration Lawyers Can Help
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Criminal Defense

At FitzGerald Law Company, our criminal defense lawyers understand that we all make mistakes and deserve to have someone that will provide the best legal defense to minimize the consequences of our mistakes and get a second chance, while treating us with the respect and dignity to which we are all entitled. We also know that individuals can also be charged with crimes they have not committed and it is only fair and just that we help them prove their innocence. Either way, our criminal defense attorneys understand that facing a criminal charge is an intimidating and overwhelming experience not only for the individual facing the charges but for their entire family. Our attorneys and entire legal team empathize with our clients, protect their confidentiality and are compassionate and respectful at all times. Through our consultative approach, we take the necessary time to understand your needs and objectives and we explain the different options and risks involved so that with your input we can craft the best strategy for your unique personal situation. Our focus is on you and winning your criminal defense case.

Our experienced Boston criminal lawyers can take your case all the way from arraignment to trial and appeal if necessary. In addition, because we also practice immigration law, we are aware of the implications that a criminal conviction can have on a person’s immigration status and we take this into careful consideration when negotiating the disposition of a criminal case. In certain cases, we are also able to re-open old convictions and vacate them so there is not adverse effect on a person’s immigration status or future immigration applications.

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Personal Injury

The best personal injury lawyer is one who is compassionate and takes the time to understand your pain, while being an excellent negotiator and litigator. This is what you will find at FitzGerald & Company. Our personal injury attorneys in Boston, MA will obtain the settlement you deserve with our signature high quality attention and service.

Our attentive and experienced personal injury attorneys in Boston, Massachusetts will help make the personal injury claim process more manageable and less stressful, by explaining the process in detail and supporting and advising you at every step of the way. Our goal is to obtain the highest compensation for the pain and suffering from your injuries in the most effective and timely manner and to provide you with the best personal injury and accident legal services in Boston.

If you have been injured in a car accident, by a defective product or service, negligent maintenance, or have any personal injury claim, please call 617-303-2600 (Ext. 0) and schedule an appointment for an Initial Consultation with a Boston personal injury lawyer, or fill our online appointment request form.

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Our innovative legal strategies and litigation experience provide us with the right tools to help you obtain your desired outcome. Let us help you.

The information contained in this Web site is general in nature and subject to change at any point in time. As such, it may not necessarily apply to all situations. Therefore, under no circumstance it should be construed as legal advice. Please ensure that you consult with an attorney regarding your specific situation before starting a legal process. By providing us your email address and phone number you authorize us to communicate with you using these methods, including text messages.

About Our Team

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Our team of experienced multicultural immigration, criminal, and driving / car accident attorneys in Boston, Massachusetts, will zealously represent and guide you through the complex US legal system. We work closely with you to understand your situation and goals in order to develop a personalized solution to your case.

Learn more about the 5 Principles that govern our work (Client Satisfaction, Knowledge, Honesty / Respect, Focus, and Transparency). Our innovative legal strategies and litigation experience spanning immigration, criminal and personal injury law provide us with the right tools to help you obtain your desired outcome. Let us help you.

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Client Success Stories

Our staff is multilingual and multicultural, with employees that have immigrated to the United States or are first-generation Americans. This means that we not only understand our client’s case, but we understand where our client’s are coming from and what they are experiencing with respect to immigration.

At FitzGerald Law Company, we believe that all clients should be treated with respect and dignity regardless of legal status, national origin, culture, or language. This core belief together with the ever-growing need for effective legal services for immigrants in the U.S., drove us to develop our guiding principles and the vision and mission of service that are the foundation of our firm.

immigration attorney

Motion to Vacate a Criminal Conviction and Reinstatement of TPS Status

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Waiver of Two Year Outside the US for J-1 Visa

Waiver of Two Year Outside the US for J-1 Visa Danny was born in the Philippines. During his secondary studies in his country, at which he excelled, he caught the attention…

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Violation of a Restraining Order Charge Deemed Improper

Ted had a difficult relationship with his former girlfriend Jen, who is the mother of his child. One day, Jen went to court and made a claim that she was afraid that…

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Frequently Asked Questions

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If I have a child who is a U.S. citizen, can I obtain legal status in the U.S.?

Immigration, personal injury and criminal lawyer, Desmond P. FitzGerald has extensively litigated in immigration, criminal and civil courts, both at the state and federal levels. Together with his associates, he has defended immigrants from deportation / removal; helped them obtain U.S. visas, I-601 waivers (immigration pardons), U.S. residency via cancellation of removal / 10 year law , US residency (green card) through work, U.S. Green Card through family members,

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Does a person have to speak to the police after they have been arrested?

No, the US constitution, as well as the Federal and State laws, do not require an individual who has been arrested to speak to the authorities, with the exception of providing basic information about one’s identity. The decision of whether or not to speak to the police is a very important one and it should be evaluated with your attorney as soon as possible.

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When is it worth to litigate/fight your personal injury case in court?

A case is usually taken to court, when a settlement offer does not adequately compensate for the suffering you have endured due to the accident or incident or when the other party is not willing to accept its liability/responsibility. Our Boston personal injury lawyers will review the circumstances surrounding your case to recommend the best alternative for the most successful result. After all, our compensation is directly tied to your success and our business depends on our satisfied clients referring us new clients.

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