Client Ratings

We send a customer satisfaction survey to every client upon completion of our work and this is the average of how clients who have responded scored us on a scale of 1 to 5:

(5) Excellent performance;
(4) Very good performance;
(3) Satisfactory performance;
(2) Fair performance;
(1) Poor performance

I. Responsiveness Avg. Rating
a. Available and accessible when needed4.75
b. Delivers work product in a timely manner4.78
c. Returns phone calls within a reasonable amount of time4.73
d. Gives my case the attention it requires4.85

e. Overall rating for responsiveness


II. Work ProductAvg. Rating
a. Possesses in-depth knowledge of legal matter 4.90
b. Provides thoughtful and well-reasoned advice 4.82
c. Consistently maintains high quality of work 4.83
d. Communicates well with me and in a manner which I understand 4.85
e. Creative and innovative in formulating solutions 4.71
f. Accurately explains the strategy and process I will be involved in and sets my expectations accordingly4.82

g. Overall rating for quality of work product


III. Cost Effectiveness and BillingAvg. Rating
a. Accurately estimates cost of service and the time required 4.62
b. The bills are timely and easy to understand 4.85
c. The bills accurately reflect the quality of service and effort involved in my case 4.73
d. Responds to my billing inquiries promptly 4.78

e. Overall rating for cost effectiveness and billing


IV. Service/Relationship Avg. Rating
a. I am treated as a very important client4.83
b. Demonstrates an interest in me and an understanding of my needs and objectives4.82
c. Exerts effort beyond the minimum required in my case4.68
d. Keeps me informed on legal issues that may affect my case4.73
e. I am comfortable dealing with other people at the firm when my primary contact is not available4.47
f. Keeps me informed on the progress of my case4.73

g. Overall rating for service/relationship


In addition, 97% of survey respondents, said they would recommend us to others and 85% have already done so.

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