Why Choose FitzGerald Law Company to Represent you in a Personal Injury Claim

Contact FitzGerald Law Company to Represent you in a Personal Injury Claim in Boston, Mass.

At FitzGerald & Company, LLC, our Boston personal injury attorneys are experienced litigation lawyers not only in the personal injury field, but our trial experience encompassing immigration and criminal defense, at the State and Federal levels, give us an edge in court and a clear advantage when it comes to obtaining the best results for our clients, whether is negotiating a settlement or litigating the case in court. Litigation is at the core of our firm and you only stand to benefit from it.

When you work with FitzGerald Law Company, you can expect to receive not only top notch negotiation and litigation expertise that will help us obtain the favorable personal injury compensation your case deserves, but also the highest quality of bilingual customer attention and care (our entire team, including all attorneys are fluent in Spanish). The multi-cultural background of our team members and our experience serving a clientele of different backgrounds allows us to have a greater level of empathy, closeness and understanding of our clients than other firms. We forge a collaborative working relationship with our clients through open communication from the start of the case, which reduces the stress and uncertainty that usually accompanies these types of cases (hear our client testimonials and read our client reviews).

Specifically, as a client you can expect that our firm will:

  • Conduct a thorough evaluation of your personal injury case and provide you the appropriate recommendation as to the best way to proceed with your personal injury case based on your needs and the merit of the case.
  • Manage your case expeditiously and will keep you informed as to the progress of your case at each step in the process.
  • Answer your questions and calls in a timely and professional manner.
  • Negotiate firmly and effectively on your behalf with the insurance companies involved and in certain cases with medical providers.
  • Effectively litigate your case in court if appropriate.

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