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The legal fee for a particular criminal defense case is based upon the type of case, the complexity and seriousness of the matter, as well as an estimate of the time and resources that will be involved. The best way to determine the cost and viability of your case is to schedule an initial free consultation with one of our attorneys. In-person consultations are always preferable, but we can also schedule a telephone conference call if you are unable to come to our office. Please call 617-303-2600 and dial 0 so that one of our team members can assist you in scheduling this consultation.

Schedule of Additional Fees for Criminal Cases
Additional work to be performedFee/each
Motion to Continue$ 395.00
Appearance to an additional hearing$ 395.00
Geographical charge for appearance outside of our area$ 750.00
Additional meetings for witness preparation$ 395.00
Gathering additional documents (from court, government agencies, prior attorneys)$ 395.00- $950.00
FBI/fingerprint processing$ 395.00 + filing fees ($18-25)
Retrieving and analyzing criminal records$ 1,900.00
Translation of documents$ 395.00/page
Additional charges in courts of concurrent jurisdictionTBD*
Interlocatory AppealsTBD *
Sentencing Appeals or Appeals of Convictions- Requires Separate ContractsTBD *
Rule 29 Motion to Vacate or Reduce Sentence- Requires Separate ContractsTBD *
Motion for new trial- Requires Separate ContractsTBD *
* TBD (To be determined when needed based on the amount of work required)
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