Our Legal Fees for Immigration Cases

Our Boston Immigration lawyers service-based fees are based on the work that the immigration case will generally require. In some cases, additional work is to be performed. A schedule of additional fees for immigration cases is listed further below on this page (these are legal fees and do not include any USCIS filing fees that may be necessary). For your convenience we offer payment plans and accept electronic checks and all major credit cards.

Immigration Legal Fees per Type of Case

Type of CaseFee
Deferred Action for Young Immigrants (who entered the U.S. Under age 16)
Deferred Action Process$ 1,900.00
Deferred Action Complex Process (prior criminal record, presence outside the U.S., etc.)$ 3,000.00
Family / Marriage Residency Petitions (Entire Process)
Family / marriage residency petition (I-130) with adjustment of status (I-485) (if visa is immediately available)$ 4,500.00
Family / marriage residency petition (I-130) with adjustment of status (I-485), Complex (entails complications such as: improper taxes, prior allegations of marriage fraud, joint sponsorship (I-864), etc.)$ 6,000.00
Family / Marriage Residency Petitions (Part of the Process)
Family / marriage residency petition (I-130), if no visa immediately available$ 2,300.00
Family / marriage adjustment of status, I-485 (needs to have approved I-130 and a current priority date)$ 4,000.00
Family / marriage consular processing (needs to have approved I-130 and a current priority date)$ 4,000.00
Removal of Conditions
Removal of Conditions on Residency (I-751) of spouse–joint petition$ 2,700.00
Removal of Conditions on Residency (I-751) of spouse–self petition$ 5,700.00
Removal of Conditions on Residency (I-751) for a Minor Child (done in conjunction with parent)$ 1,900.00
Advanced Parole or a “Travel Permit”
Advanced Parole or a “Travel Permit” (I-131)$ 1,900.00
Employment Residency Petition (Entire Process)
LCA/PERM Petition-Petition for Alien Worker ($1,100.00 LCA and $3,250.00 initial I-140 preparation)$ 4,350.00
I-140 Petition Filing (for alien worker)$ 3,000.00
Employment-based adjustment of status,I-485, done in conjunction with LCA/PERM and I-140 processing$ 3,000.00
EB-1 Petition$ 9,500.00
Employment Residency Petition (I-485 Only)
Employment-based adjustment of status (I-485) done independently of the LCA/I-140 processing$ 4,000.00
Visa Processing
E Visa Petition$ 9,500.00
L Visa Petition$ 9,500.00
H-1B Visa Petition$ 4,900.00
K-1 Visa Petition for Fiancees (I-129F)$ 2,800.00
Consular Processing (DS-160) of K-1 Visa$ 3,000.00
Consular Processing of K-2 Visa for children of K-1 Visa beneficiary$ 1,900.00
K-3 Visa Petition for Spouses (I-130 & I-129F)$ 3,500.00
O Visa Petition$ 9,500.00
TPS$ 1,900.00
TN Visa Petition$ 4,900.00
P Visa Petition$ 9,500.00
J-1 Visa Waiver$ 9,500.00
Visa Extension- simple$ 2,400.00
Visa Extension- complex$ 4,300.00
U Visa$ 5,400.00
VAWA green card$ 6,000.00
Visa Renewals (H, E, O, etc. if we processed the prior application)$ 3,500.00 (H)- $4,500.00 (E, O, etc.)
Asylum Petition (affirmative–not in removal proceedings)$ 8,150.00
Asylum Petition (in removal proceedings)$ 9,500.00
Derivative Asylum Petition for family (form I-730) Standard$ 1,900.00
Derivative Asylum Petition for family (form I-730) Complex$ 4,500.00
Asylee’s Residency Petition (I-485)$ 2,800.00
Asylee’s Residency Petition (I-485)- Complex$ 4,500.00
Asylee’s Residency Petition (I-485) for derivative child$ 2,100.00
Asylee’s Residency Petition (I-485) for derivative child- Complex$ 3,000.00
Naturalization Processing
Naturalization Process$ 2,400.00
Complex Naturalization Process (prior criminal charges, extended presence outside the U.S., etc.)$ 5,400.00
Appeal for Denial of Naturalization (N-336 Administrative Appeal)$ 5,400.00
Immigration Court / Deportation
Appeal to the BIA (Board of Immigration Appeals)$9,500.00 – $15,000.00
Cancellation of Removal (10 year law)$ 9,500.00
Removal Proceeding or Deportation Representation$ 9,500.00
212(c) Relief$ 9,500.00
Adjustment of Status in Removal Proceedings$ 9,500.00
Motion to Terminate in removal proceedings$ 9,500.00
Motion to Reopen– immigration cases$ 5,400.00
I-601 Waiver in Removal Proceedings$ 9,500.00
Federal Court Litigation
Writ of Mandamus$ 9,000.00
Naturalization Complaint$ 9,000.00
Writ of Habeas Corpus$ 9,000.00
Other Services
Waiver of Inadmissibility (I-601)$ 5,400.00
Waiver of Inadmissibility (I-601A)$ 5,400.00
Waiver of Inadmissibility in removal proceedings$ 9,500.00
Waiver of Inadmissibility (I-601 A) with an I-130 Petition for Alien Relative$ 6,900.00
I-102 application for the replacement of I-94 card$ 1,900.00
I-90 application for the replacement or renewal of green card$ 1,900.00
FOIA Request and Evaluation Fee$ 2,100.00
Case Evaluation fee$2,100.00-$4,500.00
Criminal Defense LitigationDepending on case

In certain specific situations, clients may require additional services (i.e. revisiting a past criminal record/tax problem, addressing complications due to inefficiencies/delays or mistakes of third parties or incomplete documentation, additional applications, continuance requests, court appearances, etc.), which are not included in our service-based fees as listed in the above chart. The cost for additional services is listed in our Schedule of Additional Services below. To receive a full description of the activities included in our service-based fee for a particular case, please call us at: 617-303-2600 and we will be happy to provide you with this information.

Schedule of Additional Fees for Immigration Cases
(these are legal fees and do not include any USCIS filing fees that may be necessary)
Additional work to be performedFee/eachfiling fees
Visa derivatives for relatives (i.e. H-4, O-3, etc.) if filed with primary petitioner$1,900.00plus filing fees
Respond to an RFE (request for additional evidence) from the USCIS–Level 4$1,975.00
Respond to an RFE (request for additional evidence) from the USCIS–Level 3$1,250.00
Respond to an RFE (request for additional evidence) from the USCIS–Level 2$790.00
Respond to an RFE (request for additional evidence) from the USCIS–Level 1$395.00
Respond to a Notice of Intent of Deny$1,975.00 to $2,900.00
Additional Employment Authorization application$ 395.00plus filing fees
Additional Application for permission to travel document/advanced parole$ 395.00plus filing fees
Filing a Form AR-11 or EOIR-33, Notice of Change of Address with Government$ 150.00
Filing a request for a continuance of an appointment scheduled with the USCIS$ 395.00
Additional USCIS interview appearance$ 395.00
Additional appearance before the Immigration Court or DHS$ 395.00
Geographical charge for appearance outside of our area$ 750.00
Motion to Continue/ Advance (i.e. because of pending application)$ 395.00
Subsequent Motion to Continue/ Advance$ 190.00
Scheduling Infopass appointment (without appearance)$ 150.00
Scheduling and appearing at Infopass appointment$ 395.00
Biometrics rescheduling request$ 150.00
Gathering documents (from court, government agencies, prior
Re-filing of a caseTBD*
FBI/ fingerprint processing$ 395.00plus filing fees
Retrieving and analyzing criminal records$1,900.00
Translation of documents$ 395.00per page
*TBD (To be determined when needed based on the amount of work required)

Whenever possible we try to foresee potential issues on a case and for this reason, it is extremely important to be completely open and detailed with the information you provide our office at your initial consultation, since any information that we learn later in the case can affect not only the cost of your case but also the strategy to be implemented. Sometimes clients are not completely aware of their immigration situation or of how past issues (i.e. a criminal/tax problem) may affect their case, and therefore may not provide us all the relevant information at the outset, for us to take it into consideration when providing an estimate of all the work involved in the case. In these situations, the intricacies of a case may start to reveal themselves as the case progresses and we will communicate to the client if there is a need for additional work and fees (see schedule of additional service fees). Please bear in mind that any additional fees required are due before we perform the additional work.

We believe that this service-based fee structure simplifies communication about pricing, allowing our clients to better estimate the cost of our representation on their case, as well as to understand in advance, what activities constitute additional work and require additional fees. If in the middle of a case you decide to change the type of petition you wish to file, the legal fees for the new type of petition will apply (we will have to do all the new work) and credit will be given for any unearned fees on your original case. An itemized bill will be prepared at our regular rate ($395.00 per hour) as stated in your contract, and this will be subtracted from the fee you paid.Please bear in mind that the application charges of the US Immigration Service (USCIS) and any other type of expense that our office incurs in your case, such as express mail, investigation expenses, job advertisements for employment-based immigration cases, parking, etc. are your responsibility and additional to our legal fees.For The U.S. Immigration Service filing fees see: https://www.uscis.gov/forms

All invoices are due upon receipt, and we reserve the right to withdraw our representation if our invoices are not paid on time. At the point of hire we request that you sign a contract and pay the service-based legal fee (or first installment if we have agreed on a payment plan) before we start working on your case.

Rush Services Surcharge: Work or petitions that need to be filed in less than 5 days from the day our firm is hired (the date contract is signed and fees are paid) may require a surcharge of $1,100 due to the last minute additional work overload placed on our team.

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