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Our team of experienced multicultural immigration, criminal, and personal injury attorneys in Boston, Massachusetts, will zealously represent and guide you through the complex US legal system. We work closely with you to understand your situation and goals in order to develop a personalized solution to your case (learn more about the 5 Principles that govern our work such as Honesty and Respect). Our innovative legal strategies and litigation experience spanning immigration, criminal and personal injury law provides us with the right tools to help you attain your desired outcome. Let us help you.

Desmond P. Fitzgerald, Boston Immigration & Crimimal Lawyer

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Our Immigration, Criminal and Personal Injury Litigation Experience

I, Desmond P. FitzGerald, am the principal attorney at FitzGerald & Company. As the son of an Irish immigrant and the attorney who helped his Colombian wife become a US citizen, I know US immigration on a personal level and what it takes to make it happen.

I have extensively litigated in immigration, criminal and civil courts, both at the state and federal levels. I have defended immigrants from deportation or removal; helped them obtain US visas, I-601 waivers (immigration pardons), cancellation of removal/10 year law residency,  US residency (green card), American Citizenship, and asylum; and won a significant number of immigration appeals, and law suits/ writs of mandamus against the immigration service (USCIS). I have successfully defended individuals from serious criminal charges such as drug trafficking, assault, kidnapping, rape, and attempted murder; and I have obtained favorable settlements for personal injuries from accidents. This experience, together with my ingenuity and passion, make me exceptionally qualified to represent you in the most complex immigration, criminal, and personal injury cases (more about our experience, published legal decisions and multicultural team).

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Client Quotes

Martine: "My experience with FitzGerald & Company has been tremendously rewarding.. they've helped me get my green card.. Desmond was always very realistic. He would never paint a picture more beautiful.. would never say you get something within a month and then take a year.. He was never unwilling to answer a question that I may have asked him before..I always found that Desmond is willing to go the extra mile.. " More

Issac: "They were there to support me on my case from day one.. always available if you call them.. always there if you have any concerns. Willing to walk with you throught the case.. I have recommended my friends to FitzGerald & Company, because I feel they will be treated the way I was treated and I was very happy the way I was treated.. They are very professional.." More

Alistair: "Came in originally with an H-1 b working visa.. and at one stage I had to apply for an E-1 investor visa which allowed me to start my own company. What I liked most about working with FitzGerald & Company was that the team that I worked with really got to understand my situation. They were there to answer all my questions and give me really good advice in terms of resolving my issues and we made it in the end.." More

Ahmed: "I have know Mr. FitzGerald for 9 years.. and he has always been there for me. The staff has been great as well, communicating with me through mail and phone. Billing has never been a problem with Mr. FitzGerald.. and of course He has succeeded and got the job done every time he worked with me.. I would certainly recommend FitzGerald & Company..because of their excellent job of getting my cases done.." More

William: "What I liked most about FitzGerald & Company is that they excel at professionalism.. the way they do their work, the communication with the clients.. When you call the office from the receptionist to the lawyer everything is well arranged.. I would recommend FitzGerald & Company because of the experiences I passed through..I thought it would be too hard to bring my wife and my kids here, but just because of the way they do their work I think this is the best company.." More

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U.S. Immigration Law Events

  • Interview on the proposed Immigration Reform Bill this Saturday June 8, 2013 with our founder Desmond P. FitzGerald and Verónica Robles on her TV show, Órale con Verónica, at 10:00 a.m. on Telemundo local Boston, and at 10:30 a.m. on Telemundo local Rhode Island. The show will also be available on TV On Demand at: Get Local/Latino/Órale con Verónica.

  • Invitation to a conference on the Proposal for Immigration Legal Reformclick here to learn more