Immigration Application Schedule for Marriage/Conditional Residence

This Schedule shows what your next steps may be in the path to obtain your US Citizenship and that of your family, once you have been approved your first immigration case. It specifically shows what the next applications to file may be and what is the earliest time they may be filed, according to the type of immigration case you first had processed. Bear in mind that you should always check with your attorney first, before applying for any immigration benefit to make sure that you qualify as there are always exceptions.

Case Type: Marriage/Conditional Residence
Eligible ApplicationEarliest Filing Date
Petition for U.S. Residency/Green Card all unmarried children even if they are outside the USAt time of your Conditional Residency approval
Marriage/Conditional Residence21 months after your residency approval
Apply for citizenship (N-400)33 months after your Conditional Residency approval (if still married to US citizen, otherwise 57 months after Conditional Residency approval)
Apply for residency of immediate family members not included in your residency petitionAt time of your citizenship approval
StatisticsReview of Fitzgerald & Co
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