Immigration Application Schedule for H1B Visa

This Schedule shows what your next steps may be in the path to obtain your US Citizenship and that of your family, once you have been approved your first immigration case. It specifically shows what the next applications to file may be and what is the earliest time they may be filed, according to the type of immigration case you first had processed. Bear in mind that you should always check with your attorney first, before applying for any immigration benefit to make sure that you qualify as there are always exceptions.

Case Type: H1B Visa
Eligible ApplicationEarliest Filing Date
File for residency through a Labor Certification Application (LCA) and an employment residency petition  (I-140 & I-485)Concurrently or at the time of your H1B visa approval
File for H4 status for spouse & unmarried children under 21if they are outside the US (if they are inside the US, they can apply for the H4 visa at the same time you filed your H1B visa application)At the time of your  H1B visa approval
Renew H1B status if no Residency has been granted yet6 months before H1B visa expiration, no later than day of expiration
Repeat step above as necessary until residency is approved 
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