All You Need to Know before you File a Personal Injury Claim from a Motor Vehicle Accident in Massachusetts

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Although many of you know us for our immigration and criminal defense work, our firm has also been representing individuals to obtain compensation for injuries suffered as a result of the negligence of others, since our inception as a law firm in 1997. Many cases we have handled have been for injuries sustained as a result of car accidents, but others have been for injuries as a result of defective machinery or products, negligent maintenance of premises, intentional acts of violence, medical malpractice, animal/dog bites, etc.

To help educate the general public and immigrants on who is eligible to bring a personal injury claim in Massachusetts and how the process works, we have developed a new Frequently Asked Questions section on the Personal Injury practice area of our Web site and we wanted to share a few of the most common questions and answers with you (if you click on the question you will get the answer). These include:

(More Personal Injury FAQs)

Generally in Massachusetts, the law requires an individual to have incurred at least $2,000 in reasonable medical care expenses to be eligible to file a claim and you must not be at fault for the accident to receive compensation. Over our years of experience, our Boston Personal Injury/Accident lawyers have consistently delivered successful results, as evidenced by our High Client Ratings from satisfied clients.

If you believe to be eligible to file a personal injury claim, please call 617-303-2600 and schedule an appointment for a Consultation with one of our Massachusetts personal injury attorneys, or fill our online appointment request form.

Thanks for being a loyal subscriber to our newsletter and remember we are here to assist you with any immigration, criminal or personal injury matter you encounter.

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