The FitzGerald & Company, LLC New Brand and Logo

Why did we create a new brand name and logo?

We have decided to use the trade name FitzGerald Law Company, after years of using the Web address: www.fitzgeraldlawcompany.com, as we felt it was beneficial for our name to specify the type of work our firm does. We also added our 3 practice areas to the logo so that people can easily identify the areas of law we can help them with. In addition, we created a new logo that will serve as a visual representation of the firm and will convey to both our clients and team our strong working philosophy and guiding principles. “It is our hope that the new brand name and logo will help us communicate our principles and work philosophy at all times and that it will become a memorable and recognizable brand image. We hope you like it as much as we do. Let us know your thoughts about it following this link.” Desmond P. FitzGerald, Immigration, Criminal and Personal Injury Attorney.

Old logo

FitzGerald Law Company Old Logo

New logo

FitzGerald Law Company New Logo

Message/meaning behind the new brand and logo

For Clients and the General Public

  1. Globalism
    • The circular element portrays people from around the world holding hands, which has a special meaning for our immigration practice and our clients from around the globe. It communicates that our view of the world is global, where people, families, employers and economies are interdependent and interconnected.
    • We believe immigration is a natural result of a global economy and free societies and we want to help make the process of immigration easier for people as this is a positive phenomenon for the global economy.
  2. Collaboration and Teamwork
    • In any legal process, expertise in the law is just part of the equation. Success also greatly depends on how well clients and their legal team collaborate and work together.
    • We communicate to our clients the importance of this collaboration from the very beginning and we set the appropriate expectations as to how we need to work together to obtain the best results.
    • Working as a team with our clients, helps us to better understand their particular needs and create more suitable solutions for them.
  3. Unity
    • The circle with 4 people holding hands or supporting each other conveys the message of union, solidarity and family.
    • A major part of our immigration practice is focused on helping families reunite and remain together, and this requires support and solidarity from family and friends.
    • This support and solidarity from family and friends is also important in Criminal Defense and Personal Injury cases.
  4. Conference, Conciliation and Negotiation
    • The circle with people around it also represents a round table of discussion and negotiation. You get often times better results when you are conciliatory than aggressive.
    • We are strong litigators and have had great successes at trial, but we also have the expertise to negotiate a favorable resolution for our clients, particularly when it can avoid unnecessary costs and risks.
    • As experienced negotiators we are able to achieve large settlements for our personal injury clients. In our criminal defense practice we can obtain dispositions that avoid negative immigration consequences like deportation or detention.
    • Our negotiation skills are also important to resolve immigration cases before USCIS and the Immigration court.
  5. Service Oriented/Supportive/Helpful
    • A group lending a helping hand to each other demonstrates the importance we place in servicing and helping our clients as well as serving our community.
  6. Approachable/Friendly
    • A group of people holding hands or huddling together connotes a message of friendliness and approachability.
    • This closeness makes it easy for our clients to share information with us.
    • We speak our clients’ language and can put ourselves in their shoes.
  7. Communication and Trust
    • The image of people holding hands close together also conveys the message of being in touch and having good communication. Good communication is an important part of our work philosophy and something we are proud of having with our clients. Excellent communication in turns breeds trust, which is essential for client satisfaction.

For our Internal Work Team

  1. We value Teamwork and Collaboration
    • We work as a team not only with our clients, but within our organization. This helps us to be more creative and innovative in our solutions and make the best use of each of our team member’s abilities.
    • We value our employees input and opinion, and understand this is instrumental to creating a good working environment for all and delivering a better service for our clients.
  2. We are Supportive, Friendly and we Trust each other
    • We are a small company and our environment is friendly, open, understanding and supportive like a great family. We help each other as we help our clients in everything we can.
    • We bring out the best in our employees because there is trust and empowerment.
  3. We have good Communication and we Communicate often.
    • We are in constant communication and stay connected
    • We listen to our co-workers and value their input.
  4. We Share
    • We share our knowledge, information, and ideas.

Read the press release announcing our new brand and logo

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