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Client Success Stories - Marriage Petition and Cancellation of Removal/Deportation

‚ÄčOur client, "Claudia" contacted our office for a marriage petition case. She is from Colombia and entered with a visitor visa, but stayed in the US beyond the permitted time on her I-94. Claudia married a US citizen and thought that she would need to return to her country in order to apply for the marriage petition.


Boston Immigration Attorney Desomond P. Fitzgerald informed her that she could apply inside the US because she was inspected and admitted to the US. We worked with our client to get all the information required to prepare the marriage petition, and prepared Claudia and her husband for the interview. Claudia’s residency based on her marriage was approved and afterwards we helped her remove the conditions of her conditional residency and she obtained legal permanent residency. She will be able to apply for citizenship in 2013.



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