What Our Clients Say – FitzGerald Law Company, Boston

Here are some examples of how our clients and prospective clients appreciate the work we do:

Click here to view few of the letters sent by our clients (to protect the confidentiality of our clients, their signatures and any references to their names have been removed)

Below is what our clients said they liked about working with FitzGerald and Company, LLC, in our latest client satisfaction survey:

Caring And Kindness

  • "They are very nice with clients."
  • "Friendliness, privacy."
  • "Availability, personal relationship."
  • "They very much understand my problem and they have time to understand, and to ask the right questions."
  • "The kindness of attorney FitzGerald"
  • "It seems to me that I am the most important part of the case."


  • "The feeling of security they give the client"
  • "Seriousness and responsibility"
  • "What I like the most is that I can communicate well with them because they speak my language, and when I communicate with them they inspire trust because they can demonstrate they have a real interest in my case."
  • "Trust, Seriousness, Strategy and Results"
  • "Trust and good working people."
  • "Trustworthy."

Our Knowledge And Experience

  • "They are highly knowledgeable in the legal matter, they maintain good communication with me, and I understand them."
  • "The clarity with which they speak and their frankness."
  • "Their agility and work product."
  • "Positive solutions"
  • "Having non-native Americans as a part of their group so they can understand better the immigration problems."
  • "Prompt attention and creative approach to problem solving."
  • "The depth and knowledge in a substantive area of the law, the reasonable advice given."

Service And Responsiveness

  • "The organization, the good manners of the secretary and the customer attention"
  • "Their sincerity"
  • "Feeling like they are really interested in the case being consulted, and the good attitude to see solutions and not problems."
  • "The good customer service and the organization of documents."
  • "What I like the most is the attention and professionalism of all the staff"
  • "That when I call there is always someone there to help me."
  • "That they deal fast with problems."
  • "I received prompt, patient, responsible service with a successful outcome."
  • "The attention you give when it’s needed."
  • "Without minimizing my case because it was for a short period, my first impression is to come back and recommend other people. I was very welcome and well served professionally."
  • "Time, dedication and responsiveness."
  • "Efficiency"

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