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US Naturalization / US Citizenship

I have known FitzGerald Law Company for 9 years… and they have always been there for me. The staff has been great as well, communicating with me through mail and phone. Billing has never been a problem with FitzGerald… and of course succeeded and got the job done every time they worked with me… I am really so appreciative as they did so much for me. I would recommend FitzGerald Law Company… because of their excellent job of getting my cases done… every time I needed them they win the case and never failed representing me in court… and gets the job done really fast at the same time too… very knowledgeable with the system… I have really a great history with the FitzGerald Law company.

Ahmed Bakry,

Refugee / Asylum

I liked most about FitzGerald & Company is that they excel at professionalism… they way they do their work… the communication with the clients… When you call the office from the receptionist to the lawyer everything is well arranged. If anything happens they communicate with you right away… There was good work between the clients and their office.. We do appreciate everything they have done for us… I would recommend FitzGerald & Company because of the experiences I passed through… I thought it would be too hard to bring my wife and my kids here, but just because of the way they do their work I think this is the best company and the best people to work with because I succeeded in bringing my family here in spite of all the situations which I thought were too hard for anybody to overcome.

William Kiwanuka,

E-1 Visa/Investor & LCA/Employment Residency

Came in originally with an H-1 b working visa… and at one stage I had to apply for an E-1 investor visa, which allowed me to start my own company. What I liked most about working with FitzGerald & Company was that the team that I worked with really got to understand my situation. They were there to answer all my questions and give me really good advice in terms of resolving my issues and we made it in the end. I would definitely recommend working with FitzGerald & Company…they understand your needs… they work closely with you… there is always someone there by phone or email to answer your questions… and they really see you through all your needs.

Alistair Montgomery,

Fiancee Visa

They were there to support me on my case from day one… always available if you call them… always there if you have any concerns. Willing to walk with you through the case… I have recommended my friends to FitzGerald & Company, because I feel they will be treated the way I was treated and I was very happy the way I was treated… They are very professional.

Issac Ndungu,

Marriage Residency & Removal of Conditions on Residency (I-751)

My experience with FitzGerald & Company has been tremendously rewarding… they’ve helped me get my green card. They were always very realistic… would never paint a picture more beautiful… would never say you get something within a month and then take a year… never unwilling to answer a question that I may have asked before. I always found them willing to go the extra mile for you and treat you like a person… you don’t feel like you are a number within a big pool of people. They are willing to sit down and explain the options… explain what immigration is doing, because sometimes it does not make any sense… and you can feel lonely… They did a great job in making me count as a person… They are a great team.

The Netherlands

Portuguese Testimonials

Marriage Residency / Residência por casamento

I liked the most about FitzGerald Law Company is that I saw that everyone worked seriously and very professionally… and I felt very comfortable here… I thought everybody was very professional, courteous, very timely… kept us informed on a lot of things… what we needed to fill out and how to fill it out… and everyone took a big concern about what we had to do… It made it a lot easier for us… everyone felt very warm and took a big interest… this makes a big difference when you are going through this… I would recommend them very much.

Richard & Sandra Goodman,

Writ of Mandamus / Immigration Lawsuit / Demanda para imigracao

we liked most about working with this company is the attention given to our case and the way that we were informed step by step about our case. They are very good professionals… They really do what is necessary in the process and they attended to our needs in every step of the process with a lot of honesty and sincerity… You can trust in them completely… their honesty was very important to us.
I would recommend them to my friends because they will work to resolve their problems with honesty and fairness.

Marcos Antonio & Lucianne,

Spanish Testimonials / Testimonios en Español

Testimonio de inmigrate colombiana – Residencia y Ciudadanía Americana

Lo que mas me gusto de trabajar con este bufete de abogados fue que… tuve una excelente entrevista personal… hubo un orden claro y preciso… me dieron la información legal exacta de cómo iba ser todo el proceso… fue clarísimo el manejo optimo del tiempo hubo una preparación para la entrevista para inmigración… que no es fácil y produce miedo pero si esta uno bien preparado se va uno sentir mas seguro y mas tranquilo… hubo un excelente acompañamiento para esta entrevista… fue muy gratificante para mi y relajante… tienen un excelente equipo profesional y humano… y lo mas valioso ha sido que yo hace 8 anos tengo un abogado de toda mi confianza, al cual puedo acudir sin ningún problema cuando lo necesite.

Maria Elisa,

Arabic Testimonials

US Naturalization / US Citizenship

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