Personal Injury (PI) Client Success Stories

Personal Injury /Immigration Success Stories by Our Immigration and Accident Lawyers in Boston

Personal Injury Cases represented by Boston Personal Injury / Accident Lawyers at FitzGerald Law Company

Note: All the names of our clients in the stories below have been changed in order to maintain our client’s privacy and confidentiality.

Compensation for Victim of OUI Car Accident and U visa

A Colombian woman, “Marta”, was a victim of terrible accident when she was struck while walking home from work by a car operated by a drunk driver. We represented her in connection with her personal injury claim against the driver and she was awarded the full limits of the auto insurance policy.

Her injuries were severe and she was unable to work for a significant period of time. Our Attorneys identified another claim she could raise. Massachusetts has a fund for the victims of crimes and since she was the victim of a crime, drunk driving, she was eligible to claim compensation for the time she missed from work.

Marta had not been working with a proper Social Security Number because of her immigration status but our office showed evidence that she had been paying taxes and the District Court Judge granted her claim. In addition, we determined that as a victim of a crime, our client could qualify for a U visa for victims of crime, and the USCIS granted Marta and her family U visas, and as a result, they will be able to apply for US legal Permanent Residency.

Bike Accident with a Parked Car

Jack was riding his bike down Commonwealth Avenue, when a person who was parked on the side of the road opened her car door in his lane of travel. Due to the traffic that was on the street, Jack was unable to move around the opened door and he collided with the door of the car and broke his arm. Since the accident involved a parked car, we were able to make a claim against the car insurance policy. After finally accepting responsibility, the car insurance company did not want to pay the full value of his injuries and instead they claimed that he was partially responsible for the accident. We filed for arbitration and were able to obtain the maximum amount of the car insurance policy.

Approval of Settlement for Car Accident case Involving a Minor

Maria was in the car with her mother who was driving through an intersection, when their car was struck by another vehicle. Maria suffered several severe injuries that required a significant amount of medical treatment. Attorney FitzGerald was able to obtain settlements from both her mother’s car insurance policy as well as the car insurance policy of the other vehicle in compensation for her injuries. Because Maria was a minor child and the amount of the settlement would be so large, insurance companies generally do not want to release the funds to a parent because they are concerned the parent will spend the funds and the child may bring another claim against them in the future. Therefore, attorney FitzGerald filed a court action to seek approval of the settlement and to have a trustee appointed for the child to manage the funds until the child becomes an adult. The court approved the settlement based upon the presentation of evidence by attorney FitzGerald and the child received her compensation.

Retailer Found Responsible for Defective Product

Francesca was visiting her sister and niece and while staying at their home she went to her niece’s room which had a new bedroom set. While her niece was sitting on her bed it collapsed crushing Francesca’s toe. Our office brought a claim against the store which sold and assembled the bed. The retailer did not want to accept responsibility and claimed it was the manufacturer of the bed that was at fault. Attorney FitzGerald knew that a retailer in Massachusetts is responsible for any defects of a product they sell and prevailed in the claim. The retailer agreed to settle and compensate Francesca for the injuries suffered.

Accident collision with a City/Government Vehicle

During a mild snow storm a city plow truck failed to stop at a stop sign and entered an intersection at a high rate of speed colliding into the side of Mauricio’s car. Mauricio and his passenger were seriously injured and transported by ambulance from the scene of the accident to a hospital. Both clients required months of physical therapy and medical treatment to recover from the injuries caused by the accident. In addition, both were out of work for 6 weeks and their families struggled to pay their monthly expenses. Attorney FitzGerald brought a claim against the city for the negligence of the driver operating the city vehicle. Because it was a claim against a public entity, there were specific notice requirements that had to be complied with. Since attorney FitzGerald is experienced with motor vehicle accident claims against government entities, he was able to timely serve the appropriate officials with notice of the claims and as a result the city completely compensated both injured clients, including compensation for lost wages.

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