Deported from the USA? You may still remain in the US

Many people have persons in their family who have been deported or who are in the process of being deported, and they are wandering: is there any relief for these individuals? Well there is some relief for people who have been deported, who are either outside the United States or have been ordered deported and are remaining in the United States. There is a section of the law that allows a person who would have otherwise been eligible for a green card, to obtain a green card even if they have been ordered deported. There is a provision of the law that will allow a person, but for the order of deportation, who is otherwise eligible for US residency, to obtain that residency even though there is an existing order for deportation. The immigration service will look at factors related to their family, and the amount of difficulty their family will suffer if the individual is not allowed to obtain their residency status. This is an important consideration not only for individuals who are outside the United States having been previously deported but also for the members of our families who are in the United States today with an outstanding order of deportation. In evaluating these applications the immigration department will consider the weight of the prior immigration violations that resulted in the deportation against the difficulties the family members will suffer here if the person is not allowed to obtain their residency status. It’s an important consideration for any family who has individuals who have been deported.

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