5 Principles that Govern Our Legal Firm in Boston, Massachusetts.

These principles are at the heart of everything we do.

1. Client satisfaction is our #1 goal:

We are a multi-lingual firm that employs many immigrants and first-generation Americans. We know what immigration cases are like both, from a legal and a personal perspective– after all, we’ve been through it ourselves. In the same way we try to understand the perspective of each of our clients, including those with criminal and personal injury cases, and we respect their need to stay informed, and to be treated with attentiveness, responsiveness and kindness. Perhaps that’s why nearly 80% of our new business comes from client referrals.

2. Be honest and open to collaboration:

Mutual respect, collaboration and clear and open communication are key to client satisfaction, and lead to successful outcomes. We are completely above-board with our clients at all times, keeping them informed and offering our best advice and opinions.  We believe in the power of teamwork and we work hand in hand with our clients on their case.  Similarly, we are clear about our process and what clients can expect from their case and our working relationship.  Treating clients with dignity and honesty is a cornerstone of our firm.

3. Be prepared and know everything relevant:

As a Boston firm specializing in immigration, criminal defense and personal injury law since 1997, we consider it our duty to understand all the issues surrounding our practice areas. Not only are we thoroughly familiar with all the laws and procedures in these areas, but also with how they influence each other, such as how criminal charges can affect a client’s immigration status. As a team, we have developed processes that build upon our experience to maximize positive outcomes and we review documentation early in a case to identify potential issues, and resolve them, if possible before they come up. Quite simply, no-one is better prepared to help you than FitzGerald Law Company.

4. Focus on the objective with perseverance:

We ask every new client a simple question – what do you hope to accomplish? There are many different ways to handle your case, and by knowing our objectives, we can formulate a successful strategy. We work closely as a team so that all clients benefit from all of our experience, ideas and service. We don’t give up easy and we have the courage to challenge the system. There is no greater joy for our team than providing our clients with the results they dream of.

5. Fees are service-based, transparent and fair:

We charge a simple service-based fee – you can see the exact costs on our website. Some situations may require additional services, but you will never be surprised by a bill from FitzGerald Law Company. Our firm is clear about our fees, because we believe it’s all part of our overall mission to provide honest service, and to ensure satisfied clients.

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