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Our Legal Fees – Immigration, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury

Our legal firm in Boston, Massachusetts charges a service-based fee for legal representation per type of case (see hyperlinks below under “Legal Fees per Type of Case”) except for personal injury cases which are on a contingency basis* (see description here). The service-based fee is based on the work and activities that the typical case of a particular type will generally require.   For your convenience we offer payment plans and accept electronic checks and all major credit cards.

Immigration Legal Fees per Type of Case

The best way to determine the cost and viability of your Immigration, Criminal Defense, or Personal Injury case is to schedule an initial consultation with one of our experienced Boston attorneys by calling 617-303-2600 (dial option 0).

*Note: Personal injury cases are on a contingent basis. This means that, with the client’s agreement, the client does not pay upon hiring the firm, but when the firm settles.Rush Services Surcharge:Work or petitions that need to be filed in less than 5 days from the day our firm is hired (the date contract is signed and fees are paid) may require a surcharge of $1,100 due to the last minute additional work overload placed on our team.

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